Corporate Librarian replaced by a Web Application!

This is a bit old (April) but the headline caught my eye. The article is essentially about how the creation and administration of taxonomies is being done less by Librarians and more by automated processes or by fee-earners/users of the taxonomy a kind of "bottom up approach"

The author argues that "Taxonomy is what research librarians used to do -- and professionals who manage documents for corporations still do -- organizing and categorizing reference material. And today those meticulous creatures are running scared, because of the Web 2.0 development known as tagging."

Running scared that's me, not over this though. I'm quite excited by the thought that I wont have to administer taxonomies and the power that folksonomies have in enabling users to access information they know exists and that they have tagged and of course people wont ever completely agree on what something should be tagged so there will always be a place for us Librarians.