CILIP and Second Life

As reported by Phil Bradley in his Blog CILIP have boldly stepped into the virtual world of Second Life with the opening of a virtual office. It doesn't open until the 19th of July so we will have to wait until then to see what they have to offer.

CILIP have followed up on this announcement with an article in the 13th of July edition of the Library & Information Gazette. This article discusses whether Second Life can add value to Library Services and explains some of the reasons behind CILIP creating a Second Life office. The benefits include:
  • Having an online presence 24/7
  • The PR/Promotional benefits
  • The ability to have business meetings
  • Recruitment
  • Business networking
The Umbrella Blog has more information and screenshots of the CILIP office in Second Life.
Meanwhile over at iLibrarian Judy O'Connell has written a post which attempts to define Second Life, as Judy so succinctly writes;
"By knowing more about this broader context, it becomes even easier to see and understand the potential of Second Life, and the pressing need for some of our libraries to ‘get into’ the metaverse."