Using a Wiki to write about Wikis

This is the rather intriguing title of an article in the most recent edition of the Journal of Electronic Publishing the abstract explains more:

"Academic writers are used to having their ideas encapsulated and enshrined in printed text (e.g., a journal article or a book), but publishing them in a wiki strips them of this protection. What happens when strangers change our writing? Since the traditional academic publishing paradigm has not caught up with the open-editing, peer-to-peer model, are we equipped to deal with the paradigm shift that wikis represent? These are issues we consider in this short piece"

It's quite an interesting article and has made me think about how I could collaborate more with other Law Librarians on the articles I write. Being able to put drafts on a Wiki and see the history of all edits, rather then a vague memory of having removed something is definitely a draw!