Recommind Round Table on Enterprise Search

So last week I attended a Recommind Round Table on Enterprise please come back its important. The Round Table event, which was hosted by Clifford Chance was an opportunity for publishers and Librarians to hammer out the issues raised by Enterprise Search and the opportunities it provided.

Needless to say it was a very interesting meeting with Thomson/Sweet & Maxwell, PLC and Justis all represented. Issues of concern to publishers were:

  • Maintaining their competitive advantage
  • Maximising the value of content
  • Retaining control of content
  • Visibility of client usage
  • Costs
  • Whether the user experience is as good as it should be

Issues of concern for Librarians were:

  • Access where organisations might not subscribe to a suite of resources
  • Maintenance of resources
  • Ensuring users knew what the resources were that they were looking at
  • Integration with existing systems

From my own perspective we don't currently use Enterprise Search but the benefits are enormous, not just for the fee-earners who would have access to resources, quicker and seamlessly but also to the Knowledge Team and Professional Support Lawyers (PSL's). Currently we deeplink to a lot of resources but there isn't one place to search all our internal and external (paid for) resources so the ability to integrate these resources into our existing search facility using "Enterprise Search" would be a huge step forward.

If like me your not sure what Enterprise Search was (until recently at least) have a look at this article by Martin White but don't bother searching Wikipedia as they have a total of zero articles!