Where does the time go?

This time last week I had just attended the Knowledge Management for the Legal Profession Conference, having taken part in a panel session on Blogs, Wikis and Social media (more on this later) and now here we are looking forward to a bank holiday weekend.

I can see why the term "time poor" is being used so much these days and why we are walking ten times faster then in 1990.

Anyway back to the Panel Session. I was delighted to be invited to speak at Knowledge Management for the Legal Profession, although slightly nervous at the prospect of speaking to very senior Knowledge and Library Managers. I did feel I offered a slightly different perspective as the two other panelists, Mark Stanley and Ruth Bird had huge experience of implementing Blogs and Wikis in their organisations, wheras my perspective was as a user/blogger.

The first question asked by the chair was how many firms were currently using or were thinking about using Blogs, Wikis and other social media. I have to admit I was quite surpised by the response with probably a third of people saying they were currently using and more saying they were thinking about it. The main themes discussed during the session were:

  • RSS, it's use by firms.
  • Wikis, how to encourage people to use them and to post content, "put there heads about the parapets"
  • The use of blogs by teams
  • Content issues, including a discussion of quantity v quality.
  • Security issues including the use of instant messaging

Overall a very interesting session with lots of examples of people using these tools.