Web 2.0 as an anarchic technology

Last friday I attended a meeting hosted by the ILIG and faciliated by "Internet Consultant" and dream job holder Phil Bradley. One of the things Phil talked about was that Web 2.0 technology is an "anarchic" technology, by that I can only assume he means anti-authority, in Web 2.0 terms going off and doing your own thing!

Phil also described the Information Professionals role as being in "flux", are we now publishers of information using Blogs, Wikis and other social software, researchers using the new Web 2.0 tool, or collaborators or instigators. A recent article in Information World Review discussed how the Information Professionals role is changing and how much impact the development of the internet is having "user access to web-based resources takes some pressure off in-house teams, and social networking tools enable communication and knowledge sharing."

If we are to stay ahead of "the game" we definitely need to ensure we keep up with technology this is ratified in the article “Information professionals need to be aware of these developments – in particular, understanding how their users are making use of these tools and looking for ways that these may benefit their organisation.” Ultimately of course it depends on the job you are doing but what is clear to me and one of the final points in the article is that "what is generally required is a good range of online research skills, and the ability to use a library management system. Specific technologies may include Web 2.0, blogs, wikis, RSS feeds and social networking applications. It is crucial that information professionals keep search skills and technology awareness current.”

The other issue here is that Web 2.0 tools have meant that as professionals we no longer need to learn HTML or complex programming languages, although having an understanding of them is useful. We can do our own thing without having to cross the t's and dot the i's of numerous plans, requirement documents and red-tape. Of course this may not be such a good thing...only time will tell, in the meantime I'm off to create some groups!