Keeping up to date

Seshat over at Enquiring minds want to know has raised the age old question of how to "Keep up to date" with developments in our profession. This is in response to a couple of posts including one at Library Revolution

I've been quite lucky in that I have been part of BIALL for the last 4 years attending their annual conference and being chair of a committee for the last two. This has allowed me to talk to people and hear about developments and issues affecting the profession in advance. Of course what it also meant was that occassionally I suffered from Information Overload. Thinking about this issue has made me realise that it is important to focus on one or two areas that you know are going to affect the way you are going to work whilst ensuring you keep an eye on the bigger picture. Sounds impossible doesn't it, but it is hugely important that as Information Professionals we know what other libraries are doing, what is likely to happen in the future (although no one can predict this) and what people are writing about. With the advance of Web 2.0 technologies like RSS it's something we should all be doing it, yet it still surprises me when people say Blog, what's that!?