Emerald and Web 2.0

The most recent edition of the Library and Information Gazette has an article on Emerald turning 40 this year. Of interest is that Emerald journals now enable readers to respond to the articles they read as well as provide user driven "most used lists" Most used lists have become popular with the development of Web 2.0, Amazon has been doing something similar with "your recommendations" for a while and search engines like Collarity and Aftervote provide users with an opportunity to vote or "rate" the quality of search results. In Web 2.0 circles this term is sometimes referred to as the "Wisdom of Crowds"

Cathy Mostyn, Development Director at Emeral also says "Journals and user communities will have their own blogs for users to talk to each other and to responsd to research articles. These comments will affect the published research, leading to a more organic research to published process" Interesting developments!