It's all about Second life

Three posts about Second Life have got me thinking about this virtual world, I'm not even going to start using it until I sort out my real world/first life first, however...

The first post is from Lo-Fi Librarian who took her first tentative steps into the Second Life world recently, read all about it here. The second was a post in the Orange Rag about Field Fisher Waterhouse that's FFW to those in the know about their opening of a "virtual" office in the Second Life World, for anyone who hasn't heard of Second Life this post includes some background reading. Last but not least was a post from Information World Review on Second Life and the Library and the announcement of a conference on Second Life.

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    # by Meg - Friday, April 27, 2007

    Hi James,

    I just found your blog while searching for other law librarians that are twittering.

    When you get into Second Life I hope you'll come visit our law library!