Guide to Legal Publishing for Students

Of interest to Academic Librarians is this guide created by the Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law. The guide is described as;

"A guide to provide information about legal publishing to students who have an interest in publishing an article in a law journal or other legal periodical. The guide describes where the user can find a publication, and helpful links to assess the status or ranking of a journal. It also has information on how to submit an article and links to open access and copyright resources that will affect your publication"

It's all about Second life

Three posts about Second Life have got me thinking about this virtual world, I'm not even going to start using it until I sort out my real world/first life first, however...

The first post is from Lo-Fi Librarian who took her first tentative steps into the Second Life world recently, read all about it here. The second was a post in the Orange Rag about Field Fisher Waterhouse that's FFW to those in the know about their opening of a "virtual" office in the Second Life World, for anyone who hasn't heard of Second Life this post includes some background reading. Last but not least was a post from Information World Review on Second Life and the Library and the announcement of a conference on Second Life.

LexisNexis Blogs

Now before anyone gets excited this is LexisNexis U.S, rather then LexisNexis Butterworths UK but it's a start.

News of the Blog is reported on LexBlog

Blackwells and RSS feeds

lo-fi librarian posted yesterday about the addition to Blackwell's site of RSS feeds for their new books and also for subject areas!

Woo hoo, who is going to be next is the question. My guess is not one of the big two, more likely to jon the RSS bandwagon is one of the smaller publishers like Hart Publishing or one of the two legal bookshops like Wildys or Hammicks. I guess we just have to wait and see!

RSS in plain english

This is an excellent video I found on David Rothmans blog, well worth watching if your new to RSS or want to introduce RSS to your colleagues.

Blogging Starter Checklist

One of my colleagues forwarded me a link to this yesterday, obviously they are aware I blog on a regular basis! The list looks really useful and I will be implementing some of the suggestions. It also reminded me how useful Squidoo is, I will have to use it more in future.

On a totally different subject I have just noticed that I have posted 100 times to this Blog, something of a milestone!

Business Law Reports now on Westlaw

Westlaw have added the Business Law Reports to the Law Reports available on Westlaw. The ICLR launched the Business Law Reports in December 2006.

UK Government RSS Feeds

LoreLibrarian has done a stupendous job here in collating together all the available UK Government RSS feeds, now If I can just encourage my colleagues to use them.

Lawyer blogs are changing legal publishing as we know it

This is the title of a post on LexBlog which discusses (albeit briefly) how Blogs and interactive media are having a a significant impact on traditional reporting and publishing.

The post finishes by saying that "Publishing companies would be wise to begin to hire professionals who are skilled in interactive media and blogging as well as to develop business models that incorporate such citizen journalism and interactive media"

Inner Temple Library launches a current awareness blog

As reported on LIS-LAW the Inner Temple Library have launched a current awareness Blog. The Blog aims "to provide up-to-date information regarding new case law, changes in legislation, and legal news, which we hope will be of interest to UK lawyers and law students. The content is selected and updated daily by information professionals on the staff of the Inner Temple Library"

Library and Information Show Reference Awards

I read in the latest CILIP Update that The Statute Law Database has made the electronic category shortcut for the ISG(CILIP)/Bookdata Reference Awards. To make the shortcut of such a pre-eminent award is excellent for a product that has only been in the public domain for 5 months, but I wonder what criteria was used for nominations and whether they have taken account of some of the criticism the SLD has received.

I'm not saying the SLD isn't a great product but it would seem a little pre-emptive to be handing out awards. The winner is announced on the 18th of April at the Library & Information Show in Birmingham.

Who owns what in the digital age?

This is an article published in Saturday's Guardian. The article discusses what the impact of having more and more material available online will have on authors and the publishing industry.

Road Traffic Reports on Westlaw

Westlaw have announced that the Road Traffic Reports (RTR) are now available on Westlaw. Coverage begins in July 1969 and includes UK decisions from:

• The House of Lords
• Privy Council
• Court of Appeal (Civil and Criminal Divisions)
• Courts-Martial Appeal Court
• The Divisions of the High Court
• Metropolitan Stipendiary Magistrates’ Courts that pertain to Road Traffic offences

UK Library Blogs - What do we think we are doing?

This in an interesting post (albeit with a slightly academic feel to it) on the UK Web Focus blog. Well worth reading it and the comments that follow.

Legal Publishing beyond 2007

Prism Consulting have a very interesting post on the challenges and opportunities facing legal publishers. The main areas of change are:

Business Context - The market in which legal publishers sell their products

Content Delivery - How the technology that is being used by publishers to "deliver" their products is changing.

Content Creation - How access to new publishing tools (Blogs, Wikis etc) is enabling smaller "niche" publishers an opportunity to promote their content to wider audiences.

The post summaries the main challenge as technology "Technology is a two-edged sword for publishers. The likely outcome is that new technology propels publisher growth, albeit with some bumps along the way."