The oddest law book title

Nominations are being sought for the oddest law book title and you’ve only got 2 days left to vote so you best be quick. Off the top of my head I cant think of any odd books that I have been asked for, although interestingly there is a discussion on LIS-LAW at the moment about precedents relating to dog ownership, I'm obviously getting dog-tired because I haven't joined in.

I have handled some very strange enquiries in the past including someone asking me for information on JCB's that's right those big yellow things, when I used to work in academia art students always provided the best sort of enquiries, especially on Friday afternoons.

My all time favourite though has to be when I was at University and we were being taught how to undertake a reference interview, my enquirer (who was on the phone) asked for the "Orange of the pieces" from which I was supposed to gather they were talking about the "Origin of the species" 1+1 = 3