The Law Wiki Dream

An article here from Nick Holmes which is published in the March 2007 edition of the Internet Newsletter for Lawyers about a centralised Law Wiki. Nick argues that a specialised Law Wiki is a viable proposal with contributions coming from many fields including UK Law Bloggers.

I'm a fan of Wikis but have been surprised that the number and range of Law Wikis in the UK isn't more. There are some excellent examples of Wikis being used and maintained internationally, they include Wikilaw, Jurispedia, LawPedia, Human Law Book Wiki and the excellent Web 2.0 for Lawyers. In the UK WikiCrimeLine and The Mental Health Wiki are examples of indviduals establishing and maintaining a Wiki. I also regularly refer to the LISWiki which is a Wiki dedicated to Library and Information Science.

The difference between these and the Wiki Nick and others have suggested is that they have a very narrow focus, a Law Wiki would require collaboration and contributions at a level not seen before, apart from perhaps in Wikipedia itself.

However as Nick says "we have the resources and the technologies now to achieve something" so lets live the dream.

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    # by Unknown - Friday, March 30, 2007

    Practical Law Company have started a wiki project - PLC wiki. There are a few pages on the recently published Code for Leasing Business Premises in England and Wales 2007.

    Anyone is invited to make contributions.