The Law Library of the Future

The Research and Writing Law Blog has a post from Adam Smiths Blog on "The Law Library of the Future" the post discusses the future of Law Libraries in the face of technological advances and changes in users behaviour. The author Bruce Macewen believes that Knowledge Management is the key to the development of Law Libraries and says that the Law Library of the future will evolve;

  • "from a tactical to a strategic resource
  • from static repository to dynamic, on-demand portal
  • from one-way delivery of assets to home for communities of practice, and
  • from a "one size fits all" commodity to an adaptive resource tailored to the needs of firms"

Bruce also says that "In general, the model for the new library is not the reading room at the Library of Congress or the British Museum, but: Starbucks. In other words, not the sacrosanct temple, but the drop-in, get away from the phone, casual environment ideal for reading in solitude or meeting informally to sling ideas around" now this sounds like my kind of Law Library I just love slinging ideas around, it's like swinging cats but with much more room.