UK Legal Publishers and RSS Feeds

The major UK Legal Publishers lack of RSS feeds has been highlighted today by two posts one by Lo-fi Librarian on her Blog I couldn't agree more with the sentiments expressed here and I expect our Library Assistants would love to not to have to open countless envelopes (at the risk of a severe paper cuts) with often the same information enclosed.

Lo-fi Librarian has raised this in response to an excellent article by Connie Crosby on the article called "Using RSS Feeds for New Book Titles - Calling All Publishers" talks about the lack of RSS feeds in Canada until Connie started talking to Legal Publishers. It's interesting to see that in the UK the uptake of RSS has been quite slow, I posted on this very subject briefly a week or so ago but have done some additional trawling and have the following:

Informa - RSS Feed for News Releases and some product information

So not exactly an extensive list there, lots of publishers like Cambridge University Press and Oxford University Press do offer feeds from there press offices, but I see no reason why they cant harness this technology for marketing purposes and protect our fragile environment - come on UK Publishers!

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    # by lo-fi librarian - Tuesday, February 20, 2007

    lo-fi is a she!
    Maybe if we all make enough noise then they might start adding feed, stranger things can happen.

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    # by Connie Crosby - Monday, March 05, 2007

    Thanks for picking up the "call to RSS feeds"! Talk to your publisher representatives. Put a few of the existing feeds into your feed reader (aggregator) and show them how it works. Tell them how much you would really love it, and how easy it would be for them to set it up.


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    # by Unknown - Thursday, March 08, 2007

    lo-fi sorry have edited my post to reflect this!

    I'm going to try and put some pressure of the publishers I speak to on a regular basis and go from there!