Statute Law Database is free

Now I don't mean in the sense it has been behind bars for the last 10 years. The DCA has decided that access to the SLD will remain free now and for the forseeable future, good news all round. The SLD was also in the news late last week after a "cock-up" meant they had to revise the copyright notice on the site.

According to Nick Holmes' post on Binary Law the DCA are also looking at the commercial aspects of the SLD. I think the SLD has huge potential but having looked at the site over the past couple of weeks I'm concerned about a couple of things (1) The user interface is quite clunky, this is a personal observation and a colleague sitting next to me might say the opposite, (2) There has obviously been a huge amount of time invested in the SLD but there is still missing content, (3) The consolidation of legislation is patchy in places e.g. If an SI amends an Act the Act and all links on the Act will be amended but if an SI amends an SI it is not consolidated.

This is a difficult area for the DCA because their remit is to provide "primary legislation"