Justis sign the BIALL Code of Good Practice for Publishers

Justis publishing have become the ninth publisher to sign up to the BIALL Code of Good Practice for Legal Publishers. The announcement was made on the LIS-LAW and BIALL mailing lists earlier today by the BIALL Legal Information Group.

The BIALL Code of Good Practice "aims to provide guidelines for legal publishers doing business with librarians and other consumers of legal information: it is hoped that it will be mutually beneficial in improving customer relations"

As chair of the BIALL Legal Information Group I'm obviously delighted that Justis have signed up to the code. Working on the Code has at times been exciting, dangerous and occasionally depressing but most of all very worthwhile. I've always felt that building on relationships with publishers and assisting them in the understanding of their markets by working with them is the key remit of this group, hopefully Justis signing up to the code will be the trigger for many more publishers to do the same.