500 UK Government websites to close

Lots of reports on the news that the UK Government is planning to close up to 500 websites. Nick Holmes piece on Binary Law is very interesting as is Lore Librarian's Blog entry.

Having reviewed the list of "proposed closures" it seems to me that there are lot of "food" related sites, my favourite has to be Love Pork closely followed by Pork for Butchers no doubt extremely well used resources.

On a more serious note there are a number of sites here which are important to Law Librarians e.g. Crime Statistics, The Criminal Courts Review, The Legal Services Review and the Office of the Legal Services Ombudsman. Ultimately it comes down to what the Government plans to do with these websites, are they going to be archived in their entirety or only partially, as yet there doesn't appear to be any information on which elements of sites are likely to be lost.