VIP - November 2006

I don't normally read VIP but when I do there is always some useful information. In the most recent issue (November 2006) two articles stand out; "Models for aggregated content : current and beyond" by Pam Foster (Editor of VIP) looks at how publishers and information companies are maintaing their traditional subscription based models but are increasingly making content available via search engines.

The article also discusses the 24 hour embargo imposed by the FT on all it's aggregated content I believe this is a risky move by the FT as users may become disengaged from the FT Website after having to run their search for the second time at additional cost.

The other article of interest is "Trend watching : mobile and multimedia research tools" by Gary Price. Gary suggests two major trends for the Information Industry. The first of these is mobile access to information, the other is the growth of multimedia information on the Internet. The biggest growth area at the moment (at least in the U.S) are sites that enable searching of the "spoken word" (Television and Radio Broadcasts) Sites like TV Eyes and Critical Mention and leading the way in this field.