Statute Law Database goes public

Amid much fanfare...and rightly so, the much heralded (and long awaited) Statute Law Database went public on the 20th of December. What a lovely Christmas present

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    # by Fiona Fogden - Thursday, December 28, 2006

    Whilst it claims to consolidate legislation (for free), there are a large number of gaps in the database including key statutes missing in their entirety including the Pensions Act 1995 and the Companies Act 1985 (yes, we know this is about to change with the new Companies Act). Other Acts have periods during which they were not updated so do not present a complete picture of their current status. SIs remain unconsolidated. In addition it is expected that 'commercial terms' are soon to be imposed on the data which we are not yet aware of, only warned about.

    Use with extreme caution

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    # by Unknown - Monday, January 15, 2007

    Thanks for your post I agree with your comments and have posted a follow up about the Statute Law Database Today.

    My understanding is that they plan to add the remaining statutes by the end of this year.