Statute Law Database goes public

Amid much fanfare...and rightly so, the much heralded (and long awaited) Statute Law Database went public on the 20th of December. What a lovely Christmas present

Improvements to i-law

Informa have made some changes to their i-law application. The most obvious is that they have moved the login boxes from the middle of the screen to the top left, a small change but it caught me out the first time I used the "improved version".

They’ve made a lot of changes to the look and feel of the product which is good as the old version looked quite "clunky" although it worked well. One major change which I really like is the ability to look at just your subscriptions via the "My subscriptions" button. This saves having to navigate through the sectors to the product you are interested in. Overall I think i-law is a decent product with only the search letting it down.

Housing Law Reports now on Westlaw

Westlaw have added the Housing Law Reports (HLR) to the full text case law sources available.

According to Westlaw they now have an archive of "over 186,000 cases and transcripts in full text" Impressive stuff!

Sports and Gambling Blogs

Cecile Park Publishing, the publishers of E-Commerce Law & Policy, E-Commerce Law Reports and Data Protection Law & Policy have launched two new Blogs which support Worlds Sports Law Report and World Online Gambling Report.

I fully support publishers use of new publishing tools (Blogs and RSS) and would expect to see more UK Legal Publishers doing this in 2007.

Typhoons and Law Journals

You wouldn't think Typhoons in the Philippines would affect the loading of Law Journals to the Lexis Nexis Global Platform, but apparently yes they do.

A member of LIS-LAW posted a reply from Lexis Nexis stating that the Tax Journal, The Law Society Gazette, New Law Journal, Justice of the Peace and Justice of the Peace Law Reports were all affected, the problem appears to have been resolved now!

Informa reject Springer approach

Slightly old news but Informa the publisher of Lloyds List and the Lloyds Law Reports have rejected an approach from Springer a business publisher.

Had the deal gone ahead the combination of the two companies would have created one of the largest publishing companies in the world, putting it on a level with Reed Elsevier and VNU.

VIP - November 2006

I don't normally read VIP but when I do there is always some useful information. In the most recent issue (November 2006) two articles stand out; "Models for aggregated content : current and beyond" by Pam Foster (Editor of VIP) looks at how publishers and information companies are maintaing their traditional subscription based models but are increasingly making content available via search engines.

The article also discusses the 24 hour embargo imposed by the FT on all it's aggregated content I believe this is a risky move by the FT as users may become disengaged from the FT Website after having to run their search for the second time at additional cost.

The other article of interest is "Trend watching : mobile and multimedia research tools" by Gary Price. Gary suggests two major trends for the Information Industry. The first of these is mobile access to information, the other is the growth of multimedia information on the Internet. The biggest growth area at the moment (at least in the U.S) are sites that enable searching of the "spoken word" (Television and Radio Broadcasts) Sites like TV Eyes and Critical Mention and leading the way in this field.

Law Search on Nearly Legal

Nearly Legal has created a Law Search this is a search engine (powered by Google) dedicated to legal resources, information and commentary.

It's being updated on a regular basis and could be useful if your looking for resources on a particular subject.

ICLR Launch Business Law Reports

The Incorporated Council of Law Reporting (ICLR) are lauching a new series of Law Reports in January 2007 called the Business Law Reports. According to the ICLR press release, the Business Law Reports will "offer prompt and accurate coverage of all cases affecting business professionals and those who advise them"

Evolving News & Reference Services

This is an interesting article in Information World Review, (I.W.R) which discusses how aggretators of news content must adapt quickly to keep up with new technologies (Blogs, Wikis and Podcasts). Well worth a read.